Summary of Charges

Effective Date: 1/1/24

This Summary identifies certain amounts which Delta Waste Solutions LLC (“Delta”) may charge its
customers in connection with the services it provides, as well as a brief explanation of each charge. If Delta
elects to apply any of these charges to a customer’s account, such charge(s) will be included in customer’s
invoice. The decision to apply any of these charges belongs to Delta alone. It may elect to apply the same
in its sole and absolute discretion.

These charges are in addition to the service fees reflected in the Non-Hazardous Waste Service Agreement
(“Service Agreement”) between the customer and Delta. From time to time, Delta may modify this list of
charges and/or their descriptions. Delta will notify the customer whenever this list of charges, or any
descriptions of one or more such charges, is modified.

Fuel Surcharge: The Fuel Surcharge (or "FSC") is a fluctuating, recurring charge that allows Delta to cover
its fuel costs, which are subject to fluctuating market prices.

Wait Charge: A Wait Charge may be applied when a driver is required to wait longer than a reasonable
amount of time to complete service due to reasons beyond the driver’s control.

Dry Run Charge: A Dry Run Charge may be applied when a scheduled service cannot be completed due
to due to reasons beyond the driver’s control. For example only, such reasons may include, among other
things, the inability to access a customer’s property or Delta’s equipment, scheduling issues caused by
the customer, etc.

Overfilling Charge: An Overfilling Charge may be applied if customer fills a Delta dumpster (or allows it to
be filled) over and above the dumpster walls or in such a way that waste materials hang over the
dumpster’s edge.

Relocation Charge: A Relocation Charge may be applied when Delta relocates a dumpster after delivery,
whether at the request of the customer or because Delta determines in its judgment that relocation is
necessary for reasons of safety, access or efficiency.

Emergency Delivery Charge: An Emergency Delivery Charge may be applied for any orders, work orders,
or purchase orders requesting service outside of normal weekday business hours (7 AM – 4 PM) or for
services requested to be completed upon same-day notice.

Excavator Dig Out Charge: An Excavator Dig Out Charge may be applied when a dumpster or compacting
unit (i.e. self-contain, receiver box, stationary, etc.) is filled with material of such density or quantity that
extraordinary measures or machinery is required to empty the dumpster.

Restricted Materials Charge: A Restricted Materials Charge may be applied if any dumpster or other
equipment provided to the customer by Delta is found to contain any Excluded Material (as defined in
Delta’s Service Agreement) at the time of pickup, or during transportation or disposal of waste materials. 
Credit Card Processing Charge: The credit Card Processing Charge applies to any payment made by a
customer by credit card.
All additional fees must be paid according to the payment provisions of the Service Agreement. In addition
to any other remedies available to Delta under the Service Agreement or applicable law, Delta may charge
the customer a late charge for any a delinquent payment at the rate of 2.5% of the outstanding balance
per month during delinquency. 

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